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Uses of Survive-a-Storm Shelters


So often we hear the same reports from our customers, “We are happy to have a storm shelter, but we hope to never have to use it!”  And while we agree that never having to go through a tornado or severe storm would be ideal, having a storm shelter without a purpose, for some, seems like money not worth spending, especially if they have never experienced a violent tornado first hand.  So we want to show various uses of a storm shelter.Survive-A-Storm Shelters’ President Lucas Stewart knows the value of hard earned money and he understands the need for customers to feel like they are getting a great bargain when purchasing their shelters.  Lucas is always looking for ways of improving and adding value to each product created at Survive-A-Storm Shelters, beginning with the engineered design of the unit, which requires the unit to be constructed of pure American-made steel.  It is not only the design, but the materials with which Survive-a-Storm uses that protect not only families and loved ones, but valuables as well.

What are some other uses?

Important documents, sentimental heirlooms and pictures are great items to store in a Survive-a-Storm Shelter, not only in the event of severe weather, but also in the case of a house fire or attempted home burglary.   Keeping protected valuables locked away in a steel structure only makes sense.  Other important items to store in a Survive-A-Storm Shelter would include bottled water, a flashlight, a small radio, nonperishable consumables, some pet food, and even a first-aid kit with emergency medications in the event that a family must use their shelter for its ultimate purpose.Not everyone who buys a Survive-A-Storm Shelter thinks their storm shelter should have multiple uses.  Many are happy with the security in knowing that in the event of a tornado, they have their own protection within reach.  But for some, it is the satisfaction of owning not only a storm shelter, but a safe room as well.  Some might call it a panic room, or a walk-in safe.  Survive-A-Storm Shelters calls it comfort, contentment, and peace of mind.  If you would like to purchase a Survive-A-Storm Shelter for your own family and loved ones, give us a call at 1-888-360-1492.  You can also checkout our website at

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