Two Kinds of Concrete

Calvin Cannon, Survive-a-Storm’s Oklahoma City tornado and storm expert, has a witticism on almost every subject.  He loves helping people and he loves telling people what he thinks about things.  So when it comes to his opinion on concrete storm shelters, Calvin doesn’t shy away from his answer.

“Well, I understand that concrete may be cheaper.  But I only know two kinds of concrete: concrete that’s cracked and leaks and concrete that is going to crack and leak.”

Concrete was once thought of as the ultimate in safe room and storm shelter protection.  Many people chose to install above ground concrete rooms in their homes or build a basement out of it.  Times have changed and so have people’s choices.  There have been tragic cases of above ground concrete rooms collapsing and killing people inside them.  Seven children died after seeking shelter in Plaza Towers Elementary School during the Moore, Oklahoma tornado in May 2013. Homes with concrete basements are on the decline.  Only 28 percent of new homes had new or partial basements in 2009.  That’s a noticeable drop from 1992 when 38 percent of homes were listed as having them.  This downward shift in the use of concrete could be for many reasons.  Here at Survive-a-Storm we know the main one.  People are choosing steel shelters instead.
Concrete or Steel
One of many steel shelters by Survive-a-Storm Shelters. We understand concrete will crack. Ours never will.
Survive-a-Storm steel safe rooms and storm shelters are constructed using the highest grade American steel.  Our team members care about the safety of you and your family; so that means from start to finish we pay attention to detail.  Our dedicated welders are one-of-a-kind and make sure each unit meets FEMA standards before it leaves our factory.  We also have one of the largest powder coating ovens in the country and this means that you will be receiving a quality steel shelter evenly coated to eliminate two things.  You guessed it!  Cracking and leaking!   So what are you waiting for?  Climb out of that moldy, smelly, old concrete box and give us a call or go by the many Home Depots across the nation and check us out!  You can also call us at 1-888-360-1492 to speak with Calvin or any of our other storm shelter experts!
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