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Radar Still Shows Tornadoes

The 2014 tornado season has been by all accounts somewhat lackluster when compared to previous seasons.  Recent numbers for 2014 show that 827 storms have been reported while 401 have actually been confirmed tornadoes.  This general trend of low activity usually creates a devil-may-care attitude that increases the further away we get from April, May and June, the months when typically the most storms occur.   Here at Survive-a-Storm we are actively participating in National Preparedness Month, which began on September 1st and want to encourage people to remain vigilant throughout the month and realize that tornadoes are still on the radar.
Tornadoes on the radar
From 1984-2013 there have been an average of 85 tornadoes recorded in the month of September.  The main risk factor during this time is from tornadoes spawned by hurricanes.  Hurricanes usually contain individual supercells, also known as well-organized thunderstorms thus capable of producing monster twisters.  In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on nine states up the eastern seaboard.  It spawned a record-breaking 120 tornadoes, which led to a staggering 96.9 million in damages.  Speaking of money, the second costliest storm on record happened in St. Louis, Missouri in 1927.  What month?  You guessed it…September.

Is there ever a time to stop watching the radar?

We would say, No.  So don’t get caught with your alarm on the September snooze!  Keep an eye on the radar and come see us! Survive-a-Storm has many safe rooms and storm shelters that can protect your family long after the month of September passes.  Our above ground safe rooms are made with pride using the highest quality American steel and can protect you not only from hurricanes, but their spawned tornadoes as well.  We have several options, including our Twister Pod that fit perfectly into that tiny corner of your garage and can be installed within a few hours.  We have the right safe room or storm shelter for anyone.  Check us out online at, call us toll-free 888-360-1492, stop by our Survive-a-Storm Oklahoma City showroom, or make your way to your local Oklahoma Home Depot to make this month a September to remember!
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