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Pride: It's not Always Bragging


We have so many things to take pride in here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters.  And we could boast of our relationship with some of the big companies who use our products to protect their employees, like Siemens, Kia Motors, and Mercedes Benz, just to name a few.  Or, we could create a bunch of hype about being an authorized provider of one of the biggest, most prestigious DIY stores in the nation whose name is synonymous with the color orange, much like ours.  We might want to shout it from the rooftops, but that’s not who we are or the image we wish to portray. 

Don't get me wrong, we take a lot of pride in what we have accomplished, but it goes beyond that.

We would much rather be known for saving countless lives and helping calm the fears of those who have put their trust in the best storm shelter provider in the United States.  We would much rather our products and our customer speak for us, as well as the processes we go through as a company as well as the hard work and determination to build the strongest, most durable, highest quality storm shelter in America.  That isn’t something we can fake.  Too many people depend on us.  Our factory workers, our office personnel, our families, and most importantly and especially, our consumers and their loved ones.  So we don’t want to brag, but we do carry considerable confidence and substantial pride in the design and manufacturing of our Survive-a-Storm Shelters.  And while our steel storm shelters are slightly more costly than fiberglass and concrete shelters, you won’t have to worry about the steel cracking or folding under pressure.  If you have yet to check us out, please do so on our web page at or give us a call at 888-360-1492 and speak to one of our storm shelter experts today.  You will be happy you did.

The leading manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated steel above ground and below ground tornado shelters, and community safe rooms.
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