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National Preparedness Month


September is National Preparedness Month and here at Survive-a-Storm we are doing our part getting the word out!  We know that the best way to recover from an emergency or disaster is to prepare for one.  We have highlighted how people in their personal lives need to make a plan, but what about that big part of the day when we are at work?  How can we prepare our business for an emergency or disaster?

It's September: Make a Plan & Get Your Business Back to Work During National Preparedness Month

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sponsors National Preparedness Month and is a great place to find a plethora of resources outlining how to prepare your business for the unthinkable.  Resource guides take you step by step and help you create the perfect plan for your team.Survive-a-Storm can also help your business prepare for an emergency.  Our community shelters are capable of safely housing your workforce in an emergency situation.  We build them with pride using the strongest American steel in the industry.  We build them big too!  Our 10’ X 56’ community shelter is 560 square feet and can shelter 112 occupants comfortably on perimeter and center bench seating.  These shelters sit on an 18-inch thick concrete foundation engineered with several times as much rebar as required…because when the 250 mph winds of an EF5 are breathing down it’s good to know you have a little extra!  These shelters can also be equipped with optional private bath facilities including lavatories and toilets.   It’s also a great place to house your computer servers and important documents.  Don’t wait for the next emergency.  Make a plan for your business today with the help of Survive-a-Storm!  Find us online at, in in any of the Oklahoma Home Depots.

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