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More than just Rain: Supercell Storms

Supercell graphic rainI am one that absolutely loves the smell of rain, hearing the crash of thunder after the lightning flashes, and feeling the rain on my skin.  Whenever rain is in the forecast, the anticipation of a good thundershower gets me a little excited.  Sure, I love sunshine and rainbows, but give me a rainy day to play in anytime.  Of course, don’t get me wrong, there are things about this kind of weather that is always in the back of my mind that I tend to shake off because, surely, getting caught in a tornado or some golf-ball sized hail would never happen to me, right?Wrong.  It is that kind of immune thinking that catches many people unaware and off-guard when it comes to dangerous weather.  I used to be excited watching the dark clouds swirl and swish in the sky, waiting for the next twisted cloud off in the distance.  But, what I never imagined was that something so beautiful, so powerful, could cause so much destruction and devastation.Growing up with movies like The Wizard of Oz and Twister gives people some hope in spite of horrific tornadoes.  For example, in the case of Dorothy in Oz, she managed to not only live through such a violent storm, but somehow remained in a dreamlike state in a magical land full of color.  In the end, we know she must have only been sleeping, however, there were no permanent scars from her ordeal.  In the movie Twister, Bill and Jo Harding are storm chasers who manage to save their marriage and find love again while chasing violent twisters, all the while managing to never give the audience any real consequences of what an actual tornado can cause.  Even the death of Jo’s father early in the film only shows him disappearing, but not one scene of the destructive aftermath hits the screen.  Even the movie Twister uses some Wizard of Oz references throughout.Now I realize that the aforementioned movies are part of the feel-good Hollywood glitz and glam that make movies viewer friendly.  No one really wants to see the results of a violent tornado.  But for someone who has been there, someone who has witnessed the destructiveness of such a violent storm, these movies are child’s play and might almost be an insult to those who have lost everything, from their homes, to their towns, and sometimes even the lives of those they love.

While it is true I am a lover of rain, a true pluviophile, like the movies, I only like the rain and storms that make the earth fresh and green.

I am also one to protect myself and those that I love, which is why I love working for a place like Survive-A-Storm Shelters.  The team we have in place has spent countless hours manufacturing products that are sure to survive any EF5 tornado.  In fact, all of our products have been tested by the National Texas Wind Institute at Texas Tech University and we are even members of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) which is a non-profit organization developed to ensure storm shelters meet and/or exceed the required safety standards.  If you haven’t checked out our storm shelters, you should.  You can find us at any of The Home Depot locations across Oklahoma or even online at  You can also reach us by calling 888-360-1492.  Be a lover of rain and stormy weather, love the movies that portray the good side of storms, but then call Survive-A-Storm Shelters for safety and the reality that can come from getting caught in a tornado or other violent weather.
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