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Hurricane Safe Too?


As tropical storm Cristobal churned in the southern Atlantic waters off the eastern seaboard, people began to pay attention.  What if it developed into a hurricane?  What if it began a path toward the United States?  Where should I take shelter if it made landfall near me?  All of these questions, important, and should to be addressed before the last minute.Although it is somewhat difficult to predict what direction a storm would take, deciding where to take shelter in that event can be made easily.  Survive-a-Storm safe rooms are designed to withstand the toughest curve balls Mother Nature can throw.  Our safe rooms have been debris impact tested through Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center and determined to meet all FEMA 320 guidelines.  Each model is made with pride using American steel and powder coated for durability.

Be aware of slight differences when choosing a safe room for hurricane protection versus tornado protection.


Typically the duration of sheltering during a hurricane is longer than sheltering during a tornado.  FEMA 320 guidelines suggest halving the occupancy of a safe room used for shelter during a hurricane.  So a safe room typically used for ten people during a tornado can only shelter five during a hurricane.As for tropical storm Cristobal, it looks like it detoured and missed the United States.  The projected path took it just beyond the Outer Banks of North Carolina near the end of that week.  Cristobal barely reached Category 1 status with winds of 75 mph or more.  As a whole this season has been below average.  No one can predict with certainty when the next hurricane will occur but you can be ready for it with a safe room from Survive-a-Storm.  Call us today!  888-360-1492

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