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Emergency Ready: How to Prepare?

September is just around the corner and here at Survive-a-Storm we know what that means: National Preparedness Month!  National Preparedness Month is sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and aims to promote education and awareness on how people can prepare and most importantly, respond, to all types of emergencies.

An Emergency can happen anywhere and anytime.

Emergency preparedness for surviving tornadoes
The world is an uncertain place full of the unknown.  As citizens of this planet we know that earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, terrorist attacks are the all too real possibilities.  National Preparedness Month is a time to educate and prepare for those curveballs; both big and small, life may throw.  First responders, on a federal and local level, do a tremendous job.  However, police, fire and rescue might not always be available as quickly as needed.  It’s important to remember that when you are prepared you are better equipped to take action in the event of an emergency.  National Preparedness Month focuses on three things to help you with the preparedness process: know your risk, take action, be an example!Knowing your potential risk is important.  Do people in Oklahoma really need to prepare for a CAT 5 hurricane?  The answer is a very simple no.  So knowing the real potential threats for your area is essential.  Bookmarking local informational websites along with weather.gov will help you stay informed.You can also learn about wireless emergency alerts where messages are sent to your phone during emergencies.Taking action is a crucial part of the plan.  Pack a disaster supply kit.  Create a family emergency plan.  Buy a quality safe room or storm shelter…we suggest Survive-a-Storm…but we’re somewhat partial.  Or simply buy a NOAA weather radio.  Taking action before disaster strikes can make all the difference in how fast you rebound from an emergency.Be an example in your community.  Show family, friends, and neighbors what it looks like to be prepared.  Share your preparedness information on social media because research shows that people only prepare when they see others doing the same.  You can find more information on National Preparedness Month at http://www.ready.gov/september.For more information about our Survive-a-Storm safe rooms and shelters call or come check out our units at Home Depots across the nation.  We’d love to help you get PREPARED!
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