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The SAS Showroom: Not All Created Equal!

OK Showroom
Our Oklahoma showroom in our early days. Now you can find our safe rooms in Home Depots across the nation

Survive-A-Storm Shelter’s OK Showroom

We’ve all been there!  Walking into a showroom and being either bombarded with pushy sales people or ignored and having to do all of the research ourselves, only to become frustrated and walk out.  Investing in a tornado shelter is an important decision, and you should be able to get your questions answered about how you can best protect your loved ones from tornadoes here in Oklahoma!Here at our Oklahoma City Survive-A-Storm Shelters showroom, that’s not how we work!  We love people and, more importantly, we love keeping people safe from the tornadoes that have ravaged the Oklahoma City market in recent years!  Our friendly and knowledgeable tornado shelter experts are on hand to assist you in any way during your search for your FEMA compliant tornado shelter.Calvin Cannon is our lead sales representative in our Oklahoma City showroom and, trust me, he knows his storm shelters and tornado safe rooms!  Calvin has been in sales for 35 years and says that he loves what he does because it’s important.  He said that every storm shelter or tornado safe room he sells is thrilling, because he knows that he is potentially helping people save the lives of our fellow Oklahomans.  It can’t get any more important than that, can it?  Calvin has a wonderful family with two daughters, one son, and nine grandchildren.Stephanie Perkins is our Oklahoma City showroom manager.  She does a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly.  Stephanie does it all…from organizing and scheduling installations to keeping Calvin straight!  That’s a tough job, by the way!  Stephanie has a beautiful family with two daughters.  Stephanie says that when they are not at the softball field watching her daughter play, they love taking nightly walks as a family.

Our Survive-A-Storm Shelters showroom is ready for you.

We have several models of FEMA compliant tornado shelters displayed, and our tornado shelter experts are eager to help you protect your family from tornadoes that happen too frequently here in Oklahoma.Most models of Survive-a-Storm tornado shelters can easily be installed within an afternoon, with some being tornado-ready in under a couple of hours.  We are a family-owned, family-oriented business that you can trust.  Call or stop by our Oklahoma City showroom today to see for yourself.
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