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Into The Storm: Misses The Mark


Did you see the wind-whirling, storm-chasing blockbuster Into The Storm this past weekend? Into The Storm debuted August 8 and missed the box office mark; nowhere near close to recouping the cost of the production ($50 million) on opening weekend. While the visual effects were a near reality, movie-goers only accounted for $18 million.

In case you haven’t heard of this Mother Nature inspired film, it depicts town people trying to survive a storm by seeking shelter in various places. A team of storm chasers subsequently tries to record the magnitude of the huge tornado and compile data for later research. Does this plot sound a little familiar?

Into The Storm doesn’t claim to be a sequel of any sorts, however, it does seem very similar to the 1996 Hollywood hit ‘Twister’ and has the same premise. ‘Twister’ did significantly better in the box office by making over $494 million with a budget of $92 million. As time goes on, we’ll see if Into The Storm can stack up.

In both films, people seem to find inadequate storm shelter when braving the tornado. But as people in tornado prone areas like Oklahoma know all too well, tornadoes are extremely violent storms and safety is a very real concern that must be thought of ahead of time. This latest film should serve as a reminder that tornadoes are real and can cause significant damage while compromising personal safety. And even though it’s been a relatively quiet storm season in Oklahoma, rest assured it probably won’t happen two years in a row. So now is a great time to evaluate the best tornado shelter prices and options for your family, especially ones that can withstand Category 5 tornadoes. Survive-A-Storm manufactures FEMA 320 & 361 compliant storm shelters that are built to withstand the winds of even the worst EF-5 tornadoes that can be reviewed and bought in Oklahoma Home Depot stores or online on the Home Depot website!

From family-sized tornado shelters to community safe rooms, a storm shelter is something everyone should consider in areas prone to tornados. Unlike the large group of high school seniors preparing for graduation in Into The Storm, when tornado sirens blare around their town and the students did not have adequate shelter to take. Although the movie is fictitious, the scenario is real and being prepared could be the difference between life or death. In the event of a real tornado, safety is the main priority and actions should be taken now so you are ready to handle it.Whether you saw the movie or not, always be sure you are prepared and have options that will keep you safe. Investing in a tornado shelter might be the best investment you ever make.

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