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Grant for Storm Shelters in Oklahoma

Oklahoma was plagued by horrific tornadoes last May that left many people homeless, injured and hopeless. However, the American Red Cross is awarding millions of dollars in new grant for storm shelters in Oklahoma where homeowners were affected so they can install new storm shelters. Over 18 counties in the state accumulated billions of dollars in damage and the recovery efforts  and grants couldn’t come at a better time. American Red Cross Storm Shelters in OK grantThe $6.5 million is the latest initiative the Red Cross is providing so people can become safer in the event of future weather events. Despite the 2014 tornado season in Oklahoma being relatively calm, there is no way in predicting what the future may hold. Strong storms and tornadoes will always be a reality and taking this step for preparation can save lives. The past tornado season wiped out thousands of homes causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage and forcing many homeowners to rebuild. The grant offers a new sense of peace in the time of hardship because these Oklahoma residents can now rest easy when they need a space for protection.

The Red Cross is estimating as many as 4,000 more new storm shelters can be installed with the new grant money and plans to continue the recovery effort by donating even more money.

Survive-A-Storm Shelters understands the devastation that tornadoes can cause which is why Oklahoma has always been one of their largest markets for tornado shelters sales and installations. So it’s in the spirit of being “Oklahoma Strong” that we want to lend a helping hand to the residents affected in the 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes by being a reliable and trustworthy resource for storm shelter rebate programs across Oklahoma!The Red Cross wants to ensure the new storm shelters are FEMA compliant and meet or exceed their standards. This rigorous guideline promotes peace-of-mind to those who receive a shelter because now they will have the ability to focus on others things to get back on their feet. In a time of recovery, it’s nice to see that the American people can rally together and lend a helping hand to one another.
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