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Compliant: How Safe is Your Safe Room?


To be considered FEMA compliant in the world of storm shelters and tornado safe rooms is an extremely important one, but what does it mean?  The term refers to a set of guidelines set forth by the federal government that serve as a pathway for design, construction, and operation criteria for both community and residential safe rooms and storm shelters that will provide near-absolute life saving protection during tornado activity.  It provides guidance for architects, engineers, fabricators, local officials, emergency managers, and potential storm shelter/safe room owners about the design, construction, and operation of these structures in extreme wind and weather conditions.Here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters we care about the safety of you and your family.

That’s why all of our above ground safe rooms and underground storm shelters are FEMA compliant.

Our residential structures fall under FEMA 320 guidelines and our community storm shelters fall under FEMA 361.  Survive-a-Storm is also a member of the International C
ode Council and the National Storm Shelter Association.  We also subject all of our shelters to debris impact testing at Texas Tech University Wind Science and Research Center (WISE) or other recognized laboratories.  The testing protocol is pretty simple:  The technician uses a pneumatic cannon that is capable of producing simulated wind speeds over 250 mph.  Once the shelter is setup, the cannon launches different types of simulated wind-born debris.This means that each Survive-a-Storm customer, no matter which model they choose, can be assured that they are receiving the safest, highest quality storm shelter or tornado safe room on the market!Check out all of your options right here at survive-a-storm.com or call us with any questions you might have at 1-888-360-1492.  We have storm shelter experts on standby, waiting to answer all of your questions.  Don't wait, plan ahead and get ready for tornado season today!

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