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Safe Room: What's the Best Choice?


Who doesn't want a safe room in their home?  According to FEMA, "Only specially designed and constructed safe rooms, which are voluntarily built above the minimum code requirements of the IBC and IRC to the criteria of this publication, FEMA 361, or the ICC-500, offer life-safety occupant protection during a tornado or strong hurricane."That means that most homes, even if built of concrete, are not safe from tornado force winds. Although tornadoes are not the only cause for wanting a safe room, they are a major factor in your decision to build one using concrete, or whether you would be better off with a steel bulletproof safe room.Safe Room Construction Considerations"Designing a building, or portion of a building, to resist damage from more than one natural hazard requires different, sometimes competing, approaches. For example, building a structure on an elevated foundation to raise it above expected flood levels can increase its vulnerability to wind and seismic damage. These design approaches need to be thoroughly considered. In flood-prone areas, careful attention should be given to the warning time, velocity, depth, and duration of floodwaters. These flooding characteristics can have a significant bearing on the design and possibly even the viability of a safe room. Your local building official or licensed professional engineer or architect can provide you with information about other natural hazards that affect your area and can also recommend appropriate designs." (FEMA http://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1454-20490-5181/fema320_sec2.pdf)

The cost to build an 8x8 safe room with different materials runs between $8000-14,000.

Why not look at what Survive-a-Storm Shelters has to offer before you spend your hard earned cash, and make the wisest investment for the safety of your family?

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