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Safe Rooms: Value of Above Ground


You may think of underground dirt cellars or concrete rooms as the typical tornado shelter. But did you know that above ground safe rooms can be just as safe? Steel safe rooms, those 10 gauge and thicker, offer just as much protection as a below ground shelter when installed correctly at your home.

For some homeowners, the benefits of choosing above ground safe rooms make it their obvious choice:Extensive testing: Survive-a-Storm Shelters' steel doors and panels have been tested at Texas Tech, and just like our below ground models' doors, they meet all the requirements of a FEMA 320 wind-rated structure.Easily Accessible: Above ground safe rooms are the easy choice for people who need easy access to their storm shelter. People with physical limitations, and those with claustrophobic tendencies, will find that an above ground safe room in their garage or basement is the perfect answer; they are able to find peace of mind.Inexpensive: Above ground safe rooms are usually less expensive, as well. Freight and installation costs are much reduced with this style of storm shelter, which appeals to the individual or family with a tight budget and a serious need for tornado protection.Transportable: Survive-a-Storm Shelters' above ground safe rooms are engineered to be bolted down into concrete using thick anchor bolts. While these bolts will hold the safe room firmly in place during a storm; if the safe room owner moves, he or she simply cuts the bolts and moves the safe room to its new location. It can then be bolted down again with new anchor bolts, just like when it was brand new. This option often appeals to renters; since they may not stay in their rental forever.

Do above ground safe rooms seem to be the right choice for you?

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