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Warranty Registration Tips


You’ve gotten your storm shelter. It’s been ordered, shipped, and installed at your home. You might think you’re all set, but not quite. You need to register for your warranty! This is a very important step and one you can’t afford to miss. Registering for your warranty is simple: go to Survive-a-Storm’s homepage, click on “Contact Us,” and then click on “Warranty Registration.” You will see a fillable form. It’s three simple, short pages. Just fill out the fields and click “submit.”Some people ask how to fill in the fields marked “Latitude” and “Longitude.” These numbers are important because they are used for our geo-locator service, which enables emergency personnel to find your shelter in the event of a destructive storm. Google Earth is the simplest way to find the coordinates of your storm shelter. Once you have installed Google Earth on your computer, type your home address into the search bar. When you see your home on the screen, scroll your cursor over the spot where your storm shelter is installed. You will see the coordinates along the bottom of the screen. Now put those coordinates into the corresponding fields on your warranty registration.

Another key part of the warranty registration process is submitting pictures.

You must submit pictures of your storm shelter after installation and once a year, every year, for your warranty to remain valid. You may mail them in to our physical address:1207 Sunset Dr.Thomasville, GA 31792

 It is important that you send your pictures in every year, not only to ensure your warranty remains valid, but to keep us informed of the wear on your shelter. If your shelter does begin to rust, for example, we can stop its spread (and potentially serious damage) if we know early on that it is a problem. If we have the pictures, we can monitor your shelter’s condition and help you keep it in good shape.If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 888-360-1492.

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