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Installation: Above Ground


Last week I was invited along on an installation day. The owner of Survive-a-Storm Shelters, Lucas, had decided that we needed an installation video to provide to our dealers and potential installers. He was the narrator for the video, and Mike and Gerald were the installers. They all wore newly embroidered Survive-a-Storm shirts (they looked rather handsome) and were ready for stardom. My job was to hold the cue cards, and I was excited to participate, as unglamorous as my task was. I did learn a lot, and I’d like to share some of it with you. Since we did two installations, I’ll give the details in two parts.

Our first installation was an above ground safe room.

We laid out the tools you need, including a drill, a ratchet, a wrench, and a few other lesser tools as specified in the instructions. One detail that impressed me was the carpet we include with our safe rooms. The carpet has holes punched into it to be used as a template for drilling. This means you don’t have to stress yourself out measuring over and over to get it exactly right: it’s already done for you! All the men had to do was lay out the carpet where they wanted the shelter, take a magic marker, and color in those holes onto the concrete underneath. After they took up the carpet, there was a perfectly measured set of points, ready for drilling.

Mike drilled holes into the concrete, and Gerald swept up the dust and began inserting bolts into the holes. They then began putting up the wall panels. There are holes drilled into the panels of the safe room, all perfectly measured and punched. There is actually a machine in our plant that takes directions from a computer program, and the holes it punches in the metal are always accurate. Once the panels were in place, Mike and Gerald began bolting the entire thing together, using the ratchet to tighten and secure all the bolts. At this point, I walked off to get a soda, and when I got back, the process was pretty much complete. I was amazed at how quickly the safe room was assembled! In just under two hours, with two men and a handful of tools, we had a tornado-proof structure, ready to stand tough and protect anyone’s family.Mike and Gerald are professionals; every safe room our plant produces is pre-assembled and then disassembled before packaging to ensure that everything fits together perfectly and that every nut and bolt is included. Your own installation time may take a little longer, but it was obvious to me that this is a fairly simple process; all it takes is the ability to follow directions (and wield hand tools). If you would like to know more about our above ground storm shelters, give us a call at 888-360-1492.  We would be happy to help discuss storm shelter loans and other financing options we have available.

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